Christian morals

  • Sex should only occur within marriage. Marriage is an institution, recognized by the community and by God. Marriage is for life. Divorcing one woman and marrying another is adultery.
  • There's probably more to Christianity than its view on sex, but never mind that at the moment.

I need to research what the opinions on this were in non-Christian societies. I know marriage did exist in pre-Christian societies, in the Roman world and in ancient Northern Europe. This gives the lie to liberals who claim that Christian values are based on superstitious nonsense. We can't base our behaviour on the Bible though, because it ís superstitious nonsense. I think a revival of a Roman pagan tradition is in order. Christians believe that an actual man lived on this Earth, who died and who quite literally was brought back to life. Did the pagans ever claim such a preposterous thing?


The essences of Christianity

  • Dualism -
    • The distinction between the natural and supernatural realms. This is not necessarily a given. You can believe in goblins as little men and there doesn't need to be anything supernatural about them. Monotheism can't be understood without polytheism - what does it mean to say that there is only one god, if you don't know what a god is? It's some kind of powerful demon, whom no-one (hardly) ever sees or is affected by.
  • Heresy - Punishment for having a different point of view. Moral codes may have an origin in law.
  • Socialism - Appealing to the most disadvantaged sections of society.
  • Salvation - The story of converting to the religion. Of course, the relentless striving of life never ceases regardless of what is done.

It would be interesting to see whether a religion that participates in these could have developed in an alternative timeline.

Christianity in history

Here it is worth distinguishing various possible meanings of Christianity:

  • As understood by people throughout history
  • As understood by historians
  • The institutions that represent and promote it - churches
  • A system of belief based on the Bible
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