Grammar and spelling conventions, to prevent claims of incompetence

  • -ize instead of -ise where possible. 'Analyse,' not 'analyze.'
  • Only one 'l' in 'traveler.'
  • Single quotes ('thus') rather than double ("thus"). Punctuation usually occurs within quotation marks, not outside.
  • Comma splices are acceptable, but are boring if used too much
  • 'One' is used with 'his' (not the ambiguous 'you', or the clumsy 'one's'). I (not 'one') may change my (not 'your') mind on this, but I'm aiming at consistency. Of course I have failed at this, and will often switch between 'me,' 'you,' 'one' and 'us,' sometimes in the same sentence. When this happens it is a sign of empathy and one-ness with the universal consciousness
  • I'm thinking of going through the whole site & using ampersands (&'s) instead of and's. I think this might make it easier to read.
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