Here's a guide on how to sell your product:

  • Use catchy slogans. They will impress more people than they annoy, and even parts of those annoyed will be impressed.
  • Pretend to be proud to be serving a common good. Compare the following slogans:
    • "Niels Bohr - leading the field in physics!"
    • "BP - leading the field in sub-sea energy!"

I don't know of course what Niels Bohr's motivations were. However, he was serving a common good, the reason I admire science and scientists. (And he didn't need a slogan either.)

  • Have an ongoing, long-term advertising campaign. I'm probably still influenced now by adverts for Coca-Cola that I saw when I was very young.
  • Don't insult your competitors too much. Then they'll insult you back, and the consumer will decide he doesn't need any of your crap.
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